Unveiling Equality: Exploring Gender Dynamics in India with Unbiased Perspective.

1Mehraj U Din Mir

1Research Scholar Department of political science, Aligarh Muslim University Amu Aligarh 202002


Everyone is born without prejudice of any sort such as ethnicity, sex, colour, language, birth or any other status; equal in dignity and liberty and everyone is entitled to all human rights and freedom. Women and men have received equal justice in ancient india and equal status in status in every sphere of life. This kind of treatment in present times has so far been an unrealised dream, which has tamed most of the individuals who are having high concerns for equal status of women with great agony. A lip service is given by the power bearers by making tall promises to bring gender equality which ends up in no results at practical level. Hence the marginalisation of women which consists nearly half of the population of our country has had drastic results on them, as they have lagged behind men socio-politically and educationally. The paper tries to explore the contribution of our country’s political setup, and the policy formulation in alienating women from opportunities, that would have enabled them to contribute to society as men do. The paper also tries to explore the political consciousness of Indian women, and the illusions created by the people who are at helm of affairs. This paper also gives some highlights, in order to bring the gender egalitarianism in our country, for the development of any country is not feasible, if it does not treat both the sexes equally. This paper would look into the drastic backdrops of “patriarchy”, and how “feminism” in retaliation, would help to build an egalitarian society.


Gender equality, Society, patriarchy and gender Justice

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