Education Of Students With Visual Impairments: Review On Disregards And Prospects In Ethiopia, East Africa

1Dinka Yadeta

2Dr. Pavan Kumar Yadavalli

1Ph.D. Research Scholar, Department of Special Needs and Inclusive Education, Ambo University, Ethiopia,
2Associate Professor, Department of Special Needs and Inclusive Education, Ambo University, Ethiopia


The purpose of this review of articles was to analyze the opportunities and challenges in education of students with visual impairment (SwVI) in Ethiopia. Though, nine studies those conducted in Ethiopia regarding opportunities and challenges SwVI were included in the review. The review investigated the frequently mentioned and key findings challenges and opportunities SwVI experiencing in educational institutions. Accordingly, poor policy enforcement, inaccessible environment, poor placement, lack support, poor assessment practice, lack of educational resources and experts, and inflexible curriculum and instructional strategies are core problems of students. Also opportunities of SwVI having are; some students allowed change their department to their preferences, presence of few teachers who provide moral support for SwVI, support from friends, the availability of students text books and minimum monthly stipend by the government. Finally, suggested that the necessity of efforts has be made to reduce challenges students experiencing and working more on opportunities to realize inclusive education and benefit SwVI.


students with visual impairment, challenges, opportunities

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