Factors affecting the marriage of minor girls from their perspective and its relation to some variable sin Jordan

1Fatima Ali Al Zubaidi

1Faculty of Physical Education, the University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan


Thisstudy investigatesthe factors affecting early marriage (economic, social,psychological, legal andfactors pertaining to media), qualitative and social characteristics, ways to reduce this phenomena from minor girl'sperspective and the differencesbetweenaffecting factors according to: age at marriage, family monthly income andplace of livingvariables.The data was collectedviaa questionnairefrom purposive sample of (130) minorsofvaried different casesofserviceseekersat Jordanian Women'sUnion and the department of Chief Justice;andstatisticallyanalyzedusing SPSS.The results indicate that the factors affecting early marriage are average ingeneral and the most prominent social-cultural factorsare: a suitable husband, beliefs and social traditionsandextended families. The most prominent economic–financial factorsare: the girl’s desire to have a better standard ofliving, low family income andfathers’ inability to provide financial support for girls’ education. The most prominent psychologicalfactorsare: girls’ belief that marriage brings freedom and independence, escaping domesticviolenceandilltreatmentas well asthe belief thatmarriage helps girls mature and become responsible. The prominentlegal-mediafactorswere:lack of strict regulations onthe marriage of girls under the age ofsixteen, lack of interestin amending the laws pertaining to marriage terms and conditionsin addition to the fact thatpermitting childmarriage among refugees increases early marriage in the Jordanian society.Theresults also indicate that there areno differences among the factors affecting early marriage according to age at marriageand familymonthly incomevariables.It isindicated that there are differences according to the place of living variable in the interest of camps’ residentscompared tocities and villages’residents. The studypresents recommendationssome of which are: raisepublicawareness among parents, enforcing a law prohibitingmarriage under the age of 18, involving national andinternational institutions in solving the problemsfacing thefamilies, makingguidanceprograms for the youngpeople intending to marry to raise awareness about the importance of marriage and the role of each of them andstandingup tothechallengesthey encounter


affecting factors, early marriage, minors, Jordan

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