Revealing the Anti- Urolithiatic activity of Siddha poly herbal formulation Samsakra Choornam (SC) using In-silico Docking Technique

1Thiruvancheeswaran Soruban

2Thanigainathan A

3Aravind Samy M

1Medical Officer, Siddha Teaching Hospital, Kaithady, Jaffna, Sri Lanka ,
2PG Scholar, Dept. of Maruthuvam, National Institute of Siddha, Chennai 600047
3PG Scholar, Dept. of Maruthuvam, National Institute of Siddha, Chennai 600047


Background: Urolithiasis is the major cause of morbidity, and its prevalence is increasing in the world. Siddha formulas have managed pathogenic infections for ages. Siddha practice strengthens the host’s immunity and resilience to pathogens. Aim: The main aim of the present investigation is to screen the anti- urolithiatic activity of the Siddha poly herbal formulation Samsakra Chooranam through the In-silico docking technique. Materials and Methods: Binding of phytocomponents with the core amino acids (CYS 527, PRO 528, HIS 529, GLY 534, ARG 583, THR 585, ARG 586) of the targets by forming hydrogen bond will hinder the function of the target protein Tamm–Horsfall protein (PDB) - 4WRN which is involved in calcium oxalate crystallization. Thereby phytocomponents which inhibit the target Tamm–Horsfall protein may act as a potential therapeutic agent for the management of urolithiasis and related symptoms. Results: A total of 12 bioactive lead compounds were retrieved from the herbs present in the siddha formulation Samsakra Chooranam. From the reported data of the herb, the phytochemicals such as Glycyrrhetic acid, Liquiritin and Limonene possess maximum of three interactions with the core active amino acid residues present on the target protein Tamm–Horsfall protein. Conclusion: From the results of the present in-silico screening, we have concluded that the phytochemicals of the siddha formulation SC display strong anti- urolithiatic activity by blocking the target enzyme and this trial drug can be recommended further for the clinical management to renal stone.


Siddha, Docking, In-silico, Anti- urolithiatic, Samsakra Choornam, Renal stone

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