Impact Of Social Networking Sites On Secondary Students For Achieving Sustainable Education

1Mehwish Siddiqui

2Dr. Adnan Khan Lodi

1Junior Research Fellow, Department of Education, Integral University, Kursi Road, Lucknow,
2Head & Associate Professor, Department of Education, Integral University, Kursi Road, Lucknow


The word Sustainable Development Goal comprises of seventeen global goals which is formulated by United Nations in order to transform the world into a more sustainable future which will at the end lead to a more prosperous, happy and healthy life and letting the shape of the future into a better one. Today, the world is facing with serious issues and challenges such as the natural resources are declining day by day, irregularity in climate change, increasing pollution, hunger index of our nation is rising with each passing day, quality of education has to be improved and updated according to need of the society as well global need. When we take a view on our environment, our ecosystem has now been totally disturbed. People are so busy in upgrading themselves and adopting new science and technologies that we are forgetting that we are playing with our mother earth and disturbing the balance of human- cycle. While the world has been moving towards deterioration and it is today necessary to pay attention on these issues and major steps should be taken to eradicate these issues. The paper will further discuss about the importance of Social Media and how it is accomplishing the major goals of Sustainable development in education. The goals can be fulfilled with the help of using Social media as it is today’s most powerful tool to achieve something in order to bring a change in world. People now are totally dependent and feel friendly to use these technologies, government is also running so many schemes so that every students get all the necessary resources to attain high quality education whether they are living in city or remote areas. Thus, social media is very good medium nowadays in spreading awareness and necessary information to everyone within few seconds. Thus, social networking sites are important tool that helps in fulfilling sustainable development and spread more knowledge regarding these goals.


social Media, Sustainable Development Goal, Quality Education, ICT, Environment.

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