Portraying Iraqi Women's Abuse In Local News Reports / A Critical Discourse Analysis To Explore The Suffering Of Iraqi Women

1Hanan Al-Radhi (Ph.D)

1University of Baghdad, Iraq


The media in general and the press in particular are responsible to highlight the role of Iraqi women and enhance their social and cultural status at all levels because women are considered to be a cell in the body of Iraqi community and a reflection of the society’s overall achievements and future goals. Hence, it is prominent to shed light on the press regarding women issues. This study showed that the Iraqi press, and through its general daily newspapers, dealt with women's issues and the violation of their rights fairly well. The researcher chose a regular sample of the daily newspapers Al-Sabah and Al-Zaman and studied 124 press reports over a span of six months (January 1st, 2021 till June 6th, 2021). The study resulted in several outcomes. One of these outcomes is that the issue of domestic violence was one among the topics covered by the public daily newspapers. Other categories and topics were also noticed like divorce, alimony, early marriage, death threats, rape, poverty, dropping out of school, violation of rights and freedom, and suicide. Al-Sabah and Al-Zaman newspaper dealt with these categories in fluctuating frequencies due to the philosophy of each newspaper towards these groups. As Al-Sabah newspaper is one of the official semi-governmental newspapers, while Al-Zaman newspaper is an independent newspaper that expresses the viewpoint of the Iraqi street towards the issue of violating the rights of Iraqi women.


Specialized Journalism, Critical Discourse Analysis, News Reports, feminist journalism, press coverage, women’s issues

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