A study of his analysis between the differential learning method and the imperative method in performing the snatch lift for young adults

1Asst. Prof. Dr. Hayder Soud Hassan

1Diyala University / College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences


The research aims to study his analysis of the snatch raise between the differential learning method and the commanding method by the junior weightlifting quadruple, and to identify the best study between the differential and commanding methods in the performance of the snatch for junior players aged (15-16) years. The researcher hypothesizes that the differential method in the analytical study of Al-Amri's method in performing the snatch lift in quadruple weightlifting for the junior class at ages (15-16). The researcher used the descriptive method in the manner of the survey method of weightlifting for the junior category (15-16 years) for the two equal groups, in order to suit the nature of the research problem. The research sample consisted of players from the Specialized School in Diyala Governorate for weightlifting, which is based in Al-Khalis Sports Club, by (10) players, and they were chosen from the research community by 100%. Two players, and a reconnaissance experiment was conducted to control the work on Sunday 16/02/2019 for the research sample, through the performance of the players for the snatch raise, and the performance evaluation was (10) degrees through three accredited referees in the field of the game, either the main experiment on Tuesday corresponding to 18/02/2019 at three o'clock in the afternoon, and after identifying the results, the researcher processed them by using the spss statistical bag. After analyzing the results, the researcher reached the most important conclusions, through the analysis that was carried out by the referees, the results were in favor of the differential method for the junior weightlifters, and the researcher concluded that the differential method is more exciting and interesting to the research sample than the American method.


differential learning, commanding style, snatch lift, juveniles

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