Decentralized Security Architecture Based On Software Defined Networking (Sdn) In Blockchain For Iot Network

1 Anand Deepak George Donald

1LNCT University Bhopal


Cloud computing has emerged as a major technology for delivering infrastructure and data service needs at cheap cost, with minimum effort and great scalability, and has therefore been widely adopted in the IT sector. Although there has been a tremendous increase in Cloud Computing use, information security issues have yet to be entirely addressed. To address the current challenges, this paper proposes a decentralised security architecture for the IoT network in the smart city based on Software Defined Networking (SDN) combined with blockchain technology that relies on the three core technologies of SDN, Blockchain, and Fog as well as mobile edge computing to detect attacks in the IoT network more effectively. Our findings show that the suggested decentralised security architecture outperforms centralised and distributed security architectures in the IoT ecosystem and takes less time to prevent threats. Our results also show that the architecture might be used with the IoT ecosystem as a security detection component that monitors and analyses the whole IoT ecosystem's traffic data to identify and prevent possible threats.


Security, Architecture, Blockchain, IoT, Network

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IssueIssue 10