The Effect of Using the Brainstorming Method on Developing the Decision-making Skill of First-Grade Intermediate Iraqi Students in Social Sciences

1Murad Jabbar Zghair Al-Husseinawi,Atheer Fadhil Abdullah Al-Sbaar Ghassan Sahib Faleh Al-Faleh


The present study aimed to investigate the effect of using the brainstorming method on enhancing the decision-making skill of firstintermediate class students in social sciences in Iraq. The study included a random sample of (158) male and female students.They were divided into two groups (experimental group which included 81 members and control group which included 77 members). The researchers designed two tools to collect study data. The first tool is a scale designed to measure decision-making skill. Furthermore, the scale includes (18) paragraphs, each of which included a problem that a decision must be made about, and the second is plans to implement lessons following the brainstorming method.The results reflected that there were differences, of statistical significance, in the development of decision-making skill. Such differences areattributed to the method and in favor of the brainstorming method. The results also reflected that there were no differences, of statistical significance, in the decisionmaking skill’s development. Such differences areattributed to gender. Moreover, there were no differences that can be attributed to the interaction between gender and method. Based on the results, the researchers presented a number of suggestions and recommendations.


Brainstorming, decision-making skill, national and civic education, method.

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