Optimizing The Cognitive Trend Through The Alternating Change Of Employees' Tasks (Analytical Study In The Public Directorate Of Citizens Services- Iraq)

1Dr. Hashim Jabbar Majeed Al-dedah


The purpose of this paper is to analyze the best methods that can be used to optimize cognitive trendsby adopting the Public Directorate of Citizens Servicesof alternating change of the worker's tasks. A conceptual framework model designed based on the research questions and their hypotheses. This study targets 7 different departments. Out of 199worker who were invites to participate, 98worker responded to this study. The descriptive method was used to analyze the collected data. As it has a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods to prove the validity of hypotheses and research purposes. The significant finding of this study was optimizing cognitive trends for the majority of staff who have responded to this questionnaire after changing their tasks. They have confirmed several of the benefits obtained with this cognitive trends such as developing their employees tasks skills, increasing their knowledge, promotion, and improving the work style.In the context of global organizations, there is important to identify the most components of cognitive trendstowards critical or common issues to evaluate the current organization's performance and determine the efficiency of its activities and efforts.


cognitive trends,change tasks, continuous improvement, employees tasks.

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