Effectiveness of the therapeutic program of ilioposoas and its effect on pelvic and lumbar stability

1D. Hossam Darwish Ahmed


Studies have shown that individuals with low back pain experienced a decrease in the strength of the ilioposoas muscle due to its connection to the pelvis and lumbar region. Because of this connection the ilioposoas a muscle can stabilize the spine. In addition, where the pain occurs. Methods: Sample was chosen patient suffering from pain in the ilioposoas muscle and a back slope of the spine in the form of one group of (15). The primary measurements such as height, weight and age are taken in addition to basic measurements such as angle of pelvic tilt, flexibility, Musculature and posterior muscle length. Obegective: The aim of this research is to identify the effect of the proposed rehabilitation exercises on the restoration of the basic functions of the lumbar region and the ilioposoas a muscle through of disappearance of pain. Restoring the motor range of the pelvic joint. The speed, muscle strength and normal length restore the lumbar region of the spine to its natural state. RESULTS: The proposed treatment program has a better effect on the return of the injured to normal state.


lordosis, lumbar curvature, posture, spine iloposoas pelvic, low back pain

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