Effect of fascia in rehabilitation and healing the muscles behind the thigh for football players

1Dr. Hossam Darwish Ahmed


Fascia is a term that is gaining more attention in the sport medicine field for being a major contributor to soft tissue injuries and pain. Fascia is not easily seen on MRI scans, X-rays or ultrasounds, which is why it has often been overlooked when treating injuries. Fascia plays a significant role in many people with longstanding injuries. Common examples include low back pain, rotator cuff injuries, tennis elbow, shin splints and frozen shoulder. Methods: The sample were chosen according to the specifications (8) subject of the football team under (20) (4) subject with back muscle strain and 4 have a shortening in the length of the hind muscle Obegective: The aim of the research is to identify the impact of the new therapeutic tool, the Garston, in rehabilitation and recovery, and the extent of recovery and high level of players. rapid of disappearance of pain, Restoring the motor range, restore muscle strength, Restoring and increasing the length of the hind muscle, Restore the speed of transition RESULTS: The rapid of pain disappears. Restoring muscular range of motion and strength restoration and increases the length of the hind muscle. Restore the transition speed useing a new treatment tool Garston has a good effect in solving the twisted fibers or adhering to certain movements, reducing pain, This treatment is suitable for acute and chronic pains recovery where the tissues return to their natural characteristics and their use in rehabilitation and hospitalization has achieved good results in restoring the players of the ball back muscle efficiency in addition to the level rise to more than 120%. Recommendation: Using the Gastron therapeutic tool for its good effect in alleviating the pain and thus increasing the ease of movement healing and rehabilitation of sports injuries


Fascia, soft tissue, injuries, pain, flexibility, stretching exercises, Garston, range of motion

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