Unalienable Rights of Transgender in India – An Actino of Hope



“While there is no shame in being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or intersex – or even straight there is most certainly shame and dishonour in being a homophobe, a transphobe and a bigot.” - (Christina Engela) Human being‟s identity is often apprized by the ethical dominance and discretions made by the community. Yet, the one who makes an effort to overcome these with their visage, sexual dogma and zeal is often fended, omitted and jilted as „others‟. The transgender community since long has been desperately seeking equal rights and in the least a tag of being accepted as a „human‟. Though, the Indian constitution, fabricates with liberal promises, reestablishment of their identity with the concept of third gender, balking prejudice that they should not face any discrimination from the other two genders and providing all the rights preserved for them. Transgender community in India, grips an illustrious memoir where they revelled prestige and perquisite for many centuries. In Indian mythology, third gender is not termed as a taboo, though it is permissible with a concept of Ardhnareeshwar (Androgynism), is acknowledged and worshiped, as in hindu epic the Mahabharata, Shikhandi the destroyer of Bhishmapitamaha has a notion of being a transgender, who was born a woman but treated as a man, the involvement of third gender in society is pre-eminent. In contemporary period, their role in strengthening society, providing NGOs, upliftment in Indian cinema has emerged even more vast and productive. A fiery transformation has taken stead as their position in modern era has manifested by engaging in social activities and enhanced living standards as compared to the prior centenaries. The paper afore calibrates the initiatives opted by the government and social institutions for the ennoblement of the transgender community. In addition to this, the paper will focus on the legal position, judicial treatment and rights reserved for the LGBTQ community, that have now increased consciousness and cogent developments for this section of the society.


Transgender, Constitutions Rights, Equality, Mythology, Legal Identity, Discrimination

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