Developing Speaking and Listening Skills of ESL learners through Use of English Language Movies or Broadcast

1Mr. N. Mallesh


Many English as second language (ESL) teachers who are non-native speakers of English haveto overcome numerous obstacles to improving their students’ language abilities, especially whendeveloping speaking and listening skills. More and more innovative approaches are essential forthemtoaddresstheseproblems. Thisresearchisaimedatinvestigating theuse ofEnglishlanguagemoviesindevelopingoralandlisteningskillsofstudentteachersofEnglish.Approximately 600 English-language films are released all over the world in each year, andteachers can utilize them as authentic materials for ESL learners who may find audio and printedmaterials less motivating. By using student teachers as the participants, the researcher exploreshow language fluency, pronunciations, vocabulary and knowledge of colloquial expressions canbe enhanced by watching English movies on regular basis. The study also examines whether theuse of English movies for ESL learning can create more opportunities to learn language usage inreallifewhilecreatinganautonomouslearningenvironment.Furthermore,itexploresthepossibility of learning words and phrases in informal situations which are not taught in ESLclassrooms.Living in an English-speaking country is considered the easiest way to learn Englishlanguage. Watching movies on a regular basis may provide the same experience for ESL learnerstodevelop thespeakingand listeningskills ofEnglish language.


non-native teachers, speaking, listening, EnglishMovies

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