Periodontal Disease Status In Aurangabad District Of Maharashtra, India: A Prevalence Study

1Bharat B Chavan, Seema S Salve


<strong><em>Introduction: </em></strong><em>Gingival and periodontal diseases in their various forms have affected human health since the dawn of history. Periodontal diseases are the major dental problems, which affect people worldwide. The extent and the severity of periodontal disease vary according to various demographic factors. The steady rise in periodontal disease can be stalled by investigating the peridontium at the early stage of periodontitis, resulting in better oral health-related quality of life. With this background a study was planned by Rural Health And Training Center, Paithan to determine the prevalence of periodontal disease among the community in Aurangabad district.</em> <strong><em>Materials and Methods</em></strong> <em>It was a community focused, prevalence study carried out in field practice area of Rural Health And Training Center, Paithan. Aurangabad District was chosen for the study because it is a capital place of Marathwada region. Sample selection was done using Pathfinder methodology from Urban I, Urban III and Rural areas. Five index age groups were included: 5-6 yrs, 12 yrs, 15-18 yrs, 35-44 yrs and above 65yrs and total sample size of 2400 was selected.</em> <em>The standard proforma was designed for Community Periodontal Index and Treatment Needs (CPITN) according to WHO Oral Health Assessment Form.</em> <em>All the findings were recorded in the data sheet after thorough examination.</em> <strong><em>Statistical analysis: </em></strong><em>The data of respondents was collected and compiled. Prevalences were calculated. The proportions were compared using Chisquare test and the level of significance was set at P&lt;0.05.</em> <strong><em>Results: </em></strong><em>In the present study out of the total subjects, 14.87% of people were with healthy periodontal tissue whereas</em> <em>85.13% of people were affected with periodontal disease. </em><strong><em>Conclusion:</em></strong><em> Thus periodontal disease is a major dental disease affecting almost two third of the population. To reduce the disease burdon early diagnosis and treatment should be implimented.</em>


Oral Health, Periodontal disease, prevalence, Community Periodontal Index

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