The effect of an educational curriculum on developing motor and creative abilities to learn some handball skills

1Hatem Shawkat Ibrahim, Laith KaleelQasim,Omar Saad Ahmed


The researchers adopted the experimental approach to its suitability and the nature of the research. The sample consisted of students from Al-Khabour Mixed Elementary School / Diyala Education Directorate for the academic year 2018-2019. The researchers selected the research sample intentionally from the fifth elementary fifth-grade students of (120) pupils. As for the research sample It consisted of pupils of Division (A) and (B) Division with an average of (40) pupils for each division, and excluding the pupils represented by (C) Division, the research sample reached (60) pupils, and the sample of exploratory experiments that researchers are conducting their work on and the number (20) A pupil, and the equivalence process between the research groups in some of the creative mobility capabilities and the skill of handling and receiving the handball, and the subject teacher applied the educational curriculum with the comprehensive design of the experimental group and using the method used for the control group, and that the only difference in applying the educational curriculum is in applying the educational curriculum in the comprehensive design in The main section of the experimental research group, the educational curriculum took (12) educational units and by (2) educational units per group per week, and the time of the educational unit (45) Accurate, and the special program used in statistical fields and system was used.


educational curriculum, creative motor abilities, learning the skill, handball

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