Real-time analysis during the course of the game and its impact on the offensive skill performance and the result of the team football

1Dr. Dhiaa Hamood Mawlood , Dr. Ahmed Selman Saleh Basim Khudhair Abbas


Football has now become more effective and attractive through the high progress of the arts ofplay. Through the observations of the researchers for some international, continental and local matches, there are somefundamental mistakes madeby the attacking player, namely individual mistakes in decision-making, which reflects this mistake on the outcome of the game, which negatively affects the team. And through the observation of theresearchers of the world leagues noted that there are modern methods used by the training staff of the team using the devices (Tab)linked tothe Internet through which to follow the players onthe field and by returning the mistakes made by the player during the game is determined mistakes by the team training staff and this player who makes mistakes that causeThe weaknesspoints in the team with another player this mistake is explainedby watching this analysis ofmistakes by the training staff through the devices(Tab)and note these mistakes by the substitute player.The researchers conducted this research on some clubs of the Iraqi Premier League for advanced football players whose matches are transmitted directly in satellite channels, namely clubs (police, students, air force) and have been monitored allthe matches that foughtin the Iraqi League forthe year 2019-2020 in the Stadium of the People of the Statesin order to providesearch requirements fortheInternet.


Thenightofthe moment during the course ofthe game, the offensive skill performance, the result of the team

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