Effect of Rational-Emotive Burnout Management Programme on Occupational Burnout among Health and Physical Education College Teachers in Nigeria

1Uchenna Cosmas, Ugwu, Mary Boniface, Justina Ifeoma Ofuebe*, Shulamite Ebere Ogbuabor, Chinenye Ifeoma OgidI


Occupational burnout is an adverse reaction to prolonged stress in workplace. Teachers are among the most vulnerable groups to occupational burnouts particularly in school system. This study investigated the effect of rational-emotive burnout management intervention -REBMP on occupational burnout among health and physical education college teachers -HPECTs in Nigeria. An experimental research design involving a purposive sample of 248 participants who were assigned to either intervention (n=124) or control (n=124) groups was adopted. The study was based on pre-posttest measures from August and December, 2019. The REBMP treatment manual was delivered to participants in intervention group. A standardized teacher burnout inventory scale -TBIS with 0.85 reliability index was used for data collection while IBM SPSS version 22 was used for data analysis. The result showed that REBMP has significant effect on occupational burnouts of HPECTs. The participants in intervention group had lower score (21.78±1.86) in the posttest measure when compared to pretest scores (38.43±0.80). Also, while no significant difference existed between participants in intervention (38.43±0.80) and control groups (32.30±0.09) on teacher burnout inventory scale -TBIS pretest (P=0.108>0.05), significant difference was observed on participants in intervention (21.78±1.86) and control groups (33.21±1.07) on TBIS posttest scores (P=0.019<0.05). In conclusion, psychological and health promotion programmes are effective tools to managing occupational burnouts in workplaces and thus, should be adopted particularly in school system. The adoption of the programmes would enhance productivity, job performances and satisfactions among employees.


burnout, REBMP, effect, teachers, education

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