Improvement of Outcome after implementation Of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery For Gynecologic/ Oncology Surgery

1Abdel Magid Mahmoud Sarhan, Hussein Mohammed Abdel Dayem, Heba Mohamed FathyAbdelrahman, Radwa Atef Ameen Elnaem


Background:Enhanced recovery programs (ERPs) are evidence- based protocols designed to improve functional rehabilitation after surgery. They lead to improvement in patient outcomes while reducing hospital length of stay. This study aimed to compare surgical outcomes between women undergoing major gynecologic surgeries before and after implementation of ERS protocols. Methods:This erceptive observationally study was carried out on patients attending Zagazig university hospitals for elective gynecological oncologic surgeries in the period between August 2018 and August 2019. This study included 54 patients who were presenting for elective gynecological oncologic surgeries were classified into 2 groups. Group 1 include 27 patients were exposed to the ERAS protocol regimen for the pre, intra and postoperative care. Group 2 include 27 patients were exposed to the conventional care known in the literature. Clinical outcomes and compliance were obtained using the ERAS Interactive Audit System.Results: This study the mean of length of stay was found to be 38.29±4.95 hours in group A and 68.44±6.5 hoursin group B indicating significant difference between the two groups of the patients (p value <0.001), Postoperative complications rate was 7.4% in group A vs. 11.1% in group B with no significant difference between the two groups (p value <0.05).Conclusions: Systematic implementation of ERAS gynecologic oncology guidelines across a healthcare system improves patient outcomes and saves resources.


Enhanced recovery programs (ERPs), Improvement of outcome, Gynecologic oncology.

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