Prophylactic amiodarone versus magnesium sulphate in preventing cardiac arrhythmia in children with congenital heart disease undergoing open heart surgery

1EhabIdrisAlmahdoy, Azza Ali Mohamed Ali Khalil, Al Shaymaa Ahmed Ali, Ali Mohamed Refat Ali Soliman


Background: Postoperative arrhythmias are an important cause of morbidity and mortality after cardiac surgery for congenital heart disease. In the early postoperative period, patients with congenital heart disease are especially vulnerable to rhythm disturbances.This study aimed toassess safety and efficacy of prophylactic Amiodarone and magnesium sulphate in preventing cardiac arrythmia especially JET in children with CHD who undergoing open heartsurgery.Methods: This was a comparative clinical trial that was conducted on 48 cases at Cardiothoracic Department and Pediatric Cardiology Unit, Zagazig University Hospitals, the cases were divided in to three groups according to received drug; Group (A): patients receiving Placebo, Group (B): patients receiving magnesium sulfate and Group (C): patients receiving amiodarone.Results: There were highly statistically significant differences between groups as regard to Inotrope Score intra operative, heart rate and median arterial pressure postoperatively, postoperative Inotrope Score and Drug Complications where P<0.001.Conclusions:prophylactic of either amiodarone or magnesium sulfate are safe and relatively effective in preventing early posrtoperativearrythmia in children after corrective heart surgery for CHD.


Amiodarone, Magnesium sulphate, Pediatric, cardiopulmonary.

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