AVNRT Vs AVRT incidence in ZUH electrophysiology lab

1Reem Mohamed Basha, Mohamed Mohsen Mohsen, Mahmoud Abdelaziz, Mahmoud Elsaid soliman, Ghada Ibrahim Mohamed, Magdy Mohamed Abd EL Samie


Background: New data about the incidence of AVNRT vs AVRT are scarce. We studied the incidence of symptomatic AVNRT vs AVRT in ZUH EP lab. Objective: To study the incidence of AVNRT vs AVRT in ZUH EP lab. Methods:We studied 50 patients with a documented tachycardia causing symptomatic palpitation. Whom presented to ZUH EP lab for EPS and possibly tachycardia ablation (AVNRT and AVRT cases). Clinical data are collected from each patient including age, gender, CVD and type of tachycardia presented. Results:31(62%) patients had AVNRT with female performance with average age of 37 ± 9 was years. And 19(38%) patients had AVRT with no gender predominance and an average age of 24 ± 7 years. Only 8% of patients had associated CVD, while 20% of patient had HPN and only 10% had diabetes. Conclusion: In the selected group of patients AVNRT had a higher incidence with female predominance and more common in the age group between 20-64y. The majority of patient had no co-morbidities.


Supra-ventricular tachycardia, Atrio-ventricular Re-entry tachycardia, AV Re-entry tachycardia, incidence

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IssueIssue 10