Psycho Social Issues of Tobacco Marketing: An Observational Study at Point of purchase

1Dr. VineyDhiman, Dr. AnupamaBharti


Background of the Study: Tobacco is at the centre of the contradictions inherent in the evolving process of globalization. It is where the goals of a set of multinationals are clearly in conflict with public health and welfare and where globalization of values such as accountability and corporate responsibility are under severe pressure. The transformation of marketing and promotion of harmful commodities, such as tobacco products, is one important component of globalized public health threats. The industry looks towards the creation of new brands, products and variety in the market. Today’s youth is attracted to such a flavored product which is dressed up with brightly colors and attractive packing. Given the harmful influence of tobacco advertising and promotion on current, potential, and former smokers, marketing regulation is a necessary component in the effort to combat the global tobacco epidemic. Objectives: The current research work provides a general review of emerging promotional channels, such as packaging, viral marketing. Secondly to analyzed the violation under smoke free act (COTPA, 2003) by these promotional approaches. Methodology:Study Areas:This survey was conducted in two cities of Punjab state namely Bathinda and jalandhar city Study Design: The research used descriptive research design in the study. Method of data collection: Observation and interview technique were used for the data collection. Observations like display of advertisement, variety of smoked and smokeless tobacco products and use of any promotion were noted. The information was collected from tobacco vendors based on convenient sampling.These included temporary kiosk, permanent kiosk and permanent shops. These observations were noted according to the various sections like 7, 8 and 9 of Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products (Prohibition of Advertisement and Regulation of Trade and Commerce, Production, Supply and Distribution) Act, 2003. Results: The results of the present study illustrate that cigarette &bidi packs and smokeless tobacco products were carried out the flavored properties, with catching tag lines, attractive packaging and lastly dull warning images on the packs of both segments, advertised at point of purchase locally. Number of flavored, foreign, Indian brand and locally manufactured cigarettes packs were available and sold at point of purchase. These products with attractive packing packages attract the young population and these approaches leads to lifetime addiction and affected with tobacco related diseases.


Marketing, tobacco industry, products, kiosk, vendors

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