The Weight Assessment and its Relation to Hemophilia Joint Health Score and Quality of Life in Hemophilic Patients

1Osama Roshdi El-Safy, Ahmed Mohammed Abdel Moneim, Nora Mohammed Ali Mohammed


Background:Hemophilia is characterized by spontaneous and provoked mucocutaneous, joint, muscles, gastrointestinal, and central nervous system bleeding, leading to major morbidity and even mortality of safe plasma - derrived and recombinant coagulation factor, people with hemophilia are now living longer with fewer bleeding and infections complications. The evaluation of hemophilia care is possible by assessing physical, emo- tional, mental, social, and behavioral components of well-being and func- tion as perceived by the patients and observers .Health-related quality of life (HRQoL) is considered one of the most relevant health outcome measures in medicine. Our study aims to assess weight of hemophilic children and correlate the weight to Hemophilia Joint htlaeHScoreandAlsoQuality-of-lifeinhemophilicpatients .Methods:case control study was conducted at Pediatric Department of Faculty of Medicine in Zagazig University between October 2019 and March 2020.This study included 66 patients already diagnosed as hemophilia. These patients were classified into two groups; Group I;33 hemophilic patients with arthropathy. GroupII;33 hemophilic patients without arthropathy. Both sex had been included in the study are subjected to the following: Full history taking including personal history. Thorough clinical examination: Assessmentof anthropometric measurements Quality of life using Hamo - Qol questionnaireResults:The obesity (85-95precentile) was found more in hemophilia with arthropathy[33.3%] than in hemophilia without arthropathy [10.3%].Patients with hemophilia in our study had been found 100%[p=1] Unsatisified about quality of life in both groups with H.A.&without H.A.Conclusion: All hemophilic patients received treatment on-demand only, No prophylaxis treatment. Regarding to H.A. our study reported that severity of H.A. Correlate positively with ( age ( years), weight , BMI , waist (cm), Global Giat Score and with HJHS total Score ). In contrast , it correlate negatively with factor plasma level . All hemophilic patients (with or without hemoarthropathy ) suffer from unsatisified quality of life (100%).


Weight Hemophilia Joint Health Score- Quality of Life

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