Exploring Green Maintenance Research Through Science Mapping Approach

1A.K.N.E.Rathnasiri, Nayanthara De Silva, Janaka Wijesundara


Increasing advancement in the technical systems and equipment centric industries have elevated along with the need for maintenance in the contemporary world. With the accelerated maintenance needs, consequential incautious maintenance practices have increased and negatively impact the people's environment, safety, and health. It has become a burden on the environment and pressures the industry and academia to explore and adopt safe, effective, and sustainable maintenance methods. Green maintenance has known as a solution to the environmental damage caused by conventional maintenance activities. It aligns with the sustainable principles and ensures effective maintenance while protecting the people's environment, health, and safety. It is significant to identify the mainstream research topics, influential authors, sources of publications to filter future research directions to explore in the domain of green maintenance. This article explores the existing literature on green maintenance using the Scopus database and the VOSViewer data mining tool. A review process containing three steps (1) bibliometric review (2) Scientometric analysis followed by a (3) comprehensive discussion has been conducted to investigate an in-depth understanding of the evolvement of the research in green maintenance and to explore future research directions—the study analyses the keywords, influential journals, scholars and articles. The most emphasized research directions were incorporating green maintenance considerations in the design stage, exploring new green maintenance strategies, developing decision support systems harnessing advanced technology, and monitoring and diagnosing systems based on sustainability criteria.


Green maintenance, Green maintainability, Science mapping, VOSViewer

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