Maternal and Fetal Outcome of Placenta Previa

1*Ismail Sabry Ismail, Yousef Abo Elwaan, Mohamed Sabry Mohamed, Wael Sabry Nosir


Background: Placenta previa accounts for approximately 0.5% of all deliveries but still remains major cause of perinatal mortality and morbidity.This study aimed to the outcome (both maternal and fetal) of placenta previa in Zagazig University Maternity Hospital.Methods: A cross sectional study that was conducted on 160 pregnancies with placenta previa in Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Zagazig University Hospitals from October 2018 till October 2019. The diagnosis of placenta previa was based on ultrasonography and confirmed at cesarean delivery.Results:160 cases of placenta previa were studied regarding the perinatal and maternal outcome, were highest in the maternal age group 31.9-36 years, incidence of placenta previa was highest in 60.7% the multiparous group. Perinatal morbidity was studied as the percentage of babies requiring resuscitation and NICU admission. It was 21.3% of the casesthe percentage of perinatal deaths was 7.5%.Conclusions:The reduced maternal mortality in recent years ismainly due to presence of qualified team of placenta previa and accrete, better diagnosis , blood transfusion, effective antibiotic therapy and better understanding of the management of shock and renal failure.


Placenta previa, Maternal Morbidity, Neonatal Mortality

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