Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy Awareness and Practice Among Pediatricians in El Sharkia Governorate: A Questionnaire-Survey

1Hossam Fathi El Saadany, Atef Mohammed Khalil, Omnia Abd-Elhakim Ismail


Background:Cow’s milk protein allergy (CMPA) is the most common food allergy in pediatrics, with prevalence ranging between 1.8% and 7.5% in the first year of life. CMPA usually develops during the first year of life, The present work aimed to assess cow’s milk protein allergy knowledge among pediatricians. Methods:This crosssectional study was conducted in El-Sharkia Governorate, Egypt . 256 pediatric physicians participate in this study(questionnaire-survey). Pediatricians were subjected to voluntary participation to answer the prepared questionnaire and no patient- specific information was collected. The questionnaire was applied via face-to-face method.The prepared questionnaire included two parts: The first part included questions about pediatricians themselves such as gender, age, subspeciality, scientific degree, years of experience, workplace and living place. The second one included questions about pediatricians’sknowledge of cow milk protein allergy such as: Diagnostic symptoms and signs. Knowing Cow Milk Symptoms Score (CoMiSS score). Results:regarding gender, female were 129 (50.4%) and male were 127 (49.6%). Regarding Age group 40-50 were 82 (32%), 50- 60 were 26 (10.2%), less than 40 years were 147 (57.4%) and more than 60 were 1 (0.4%). Regarding practice, both were 161 (62.9%) and government facility was 95 (37.1%). Most of pediatricians were general pediatricians (78.1%)This study showed that low level of knowledge about CMA among the studied group. Conclusion:Gaps still exist in the knowledge of pediatricians about CMPA.


cow’s milk protein allergy- knowledge- pediatricians- Cow Milk Symptoms Score.

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