An integrative strategy based on Reflective thinking and a Socratic method for developing EFL reflective writing skills among Formal language Secondary school students

1ManalAbd El-Salam Mohammed Khalil, Azza Ahmed Hamdy El-Marsafy, Mohammed Hassan Ibrahim


The current study aimed at developing some English language reflective writing skills for second year Formal secondary school students through anintegrative strategy based on Reflective thinking and Socratic Method. The study adopted the quasi-experimental pre-posttest, experimental /control groups. Participants were second year Formal secondary school students. Two groups (35 each) were selected from Omar El farouk secondary school, Sharkya governorate, Egypt in the academic year 2019-2020. The experimental group learned through the integrative strategy for developing their reflective writing skills. On the other hand, the control group received regular instruction. Instruments were: questionnaires designed for reflective writing skills, approved by a panel of jury. Based on thereflective writing checklist, areflective writing testwasdesigned and pre-postused. By the end of the experiment, the test was post administered to both groups to conclude the effect of the integrative strategy on developing the experimental group EFLreflective writing skills. Findings of the study were statistically treated. It was found out that the experimental group achieved gains in their EFL reflective writing skills,than the control one. The results of the study were positive; the hypotheses were accepted.


integrative strategy (reflective thinking and Socratic Method) – reflective writing

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