Model Effectiveness Good Lavoie The acquisition of biological concepts for secondgrade intermediate students

1Iman Majeed Aziz


The aim of the research is to identify the effectiveness of a model good lavoie In acquiring the scientific concepts of the second grade students, the average of the biology, to achieve the goal of the research, the following null hypothesis was formulated: - There is no statistically significant difference at the level of significance 0.05 Demonstrate the average degree of acquisition of the experimental group of the scientific concepts that they have studied according to a model good lavoie With a biology subject and the average degree of acquisition of the control group's students of the scientific concepts they studied According to the usual method,The research sample consisted of 60 Student and they were distributed in two groups A, B By 30 For the experimental group A Indeed 30 Student for the control groupB The covent groups in the IQ test variables, test the previous information in material biology Wa to collect sab s to verify the aim of the research has been prepared search tool to measure the acquisition of scientific concepts sister b R acquire scientific concepts and the back of t search results outweigh the students of the experimental group that studied According to the model good lavoieOn the students of the control group, who studied according to the usual method.


model, Good Lavoie, concept

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