The Effect of the Radiant Thinking Strategy Based on Metacognition Theory on Translation Skills (Case study)

1Asmaa Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed, Mohamad Hassan Ibrahim, Michael Awad Abdel Masseeh


This paper handles teaching translation to learners who study English as a foreign language. It explores the radiant thinking strategy with its mapping techniques when applied to written translation skills for translating from English to Arabic language.And, the flexibility of using one of the four techniques of mapping is approved. Also, the combination between more than one map,or diagram is valid. It is also planned to make use of the metacognition philosophy for planning to the strategy, and to the learning hour. Moreover, metacognition is used here for assessing the skill of reading comprehension, and the process of retention through post and post- post tests,and to evaluate the processes of teaching and learning. The four skills of translation are divided into sub skills to roll the process of learning translation as a whole. The very new issue in such a research is the combination of the four skills of translation together, and the unique issue is the use of case study methodology in teaching translation to observe even a bit of a change in a sub skill while the processes of teaching, and learning.


Metacognition, RadintThinking, Translation Skills, Case Study, English

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IssueIssue 10