COVID-19: A positive prospect of pandemic situation

1*Vinod Kumar, Chandra Mohan, DollyRani, Savita Pandey, Vikas Saini


In 2019, human race again came across a highly transmittable and pathogenic viral infection viz. COVID-19 and along with its pandemic nature, caused severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), and owes its emergence from the local seafood market of Wuhan city, China. Corona virus is currently prevalent all over the world wherein it caused infection in more than 1,30,000 individuals worldwide with mortality rate nearby 3% in approximately 120 countries within a short span of time and the infection due to this virus is still on a higher verge. Apart from this as per WHO report on air pollution revealed around 2.4 and 2.2 million deaths in South East Asian and Western Pacific regions respectively. Both conditions are deadly in their respective prospects, although lockdown, preventive measure which avoid spreading of COVID-19 infection, indirectly lead to significant drop down in air pollution globally. However, this effect is not permanent and it is for being a time but it develops a hope that together we can fight against both.


COVID-19, Wuhan, Pandemic, Air Pollution, Nitric Oxide, PM2.5.

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IssueIssue 10