The Effect of Teaching with Using Flipped Classroom based on Gamification to Motivate the Student towards Self-Learning for Saudi University Students

1Essa Eqal Almazroei


Purpose - The effect of teaching with using flipped classrooms based on gamification to motivate the student towards self-learning for Saudi university students was discussed. Design/methodology/approach – 30 students from the Bachelor of Education Technology at the University of Jeddah participated in the study and were divided into two groups. CCAthe first group studied through flipped classrooms based on gamification, and the second group studied the same content using the usual methods but without the flipped classrooms based on Gamification. Findings – the subsequent test results indicate that the participant denies the group that studied flipped classroom method based on gamification outperformed the participants who did not use that method. The study concluded that using flipped classrooms based on gamification is a useful tool for developing motivation for selflearning. Originality/Value - According to the researcher's knowledge, no study has been conducted to examine the effect of teaching using flipped classroom based on gamification to motivate self-learning. So, this study explores the effect of flipped classrooms based on gamification, as a form of electronic learning, to develop motivation towards self-learning.


Gamification, Flipped Classroom, Self-Learning.

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