Effect of Psychodrama -Based- Nursing Intervention onCognitive Awareness, Prevention Skillsand Self Assertiveness among Sexually Abused Teenage School Children

1Nabila Elsayed. Sabola, Mervat Mostafa Arrab, Kariema I. EL Berry, Doaa Abdelsarattar Zayed, Hanaa A.Radwan, Reda Elfeshawy*


Background: Each child around the world has the right to live in security and peace.Child sexual abuse is a serious health problem worldwide which has a negative impact on child’s physical, psychological, social and mental status. The aim of study was to evaluate the effect of psychodrama based nursing intervention on cognitive awareness, prevention skills and self-assertiveness among sexually abusedteenage school children.Design: A quasi experimental research design was used. Setting: the Study was carried out at three primary schools at Tala district, Menoufia Governorate,Egypt.Sample:A clustersample of 60 out of 610 school students was recruited.Study instruments: four instruments were used a: Structure interviewing questionnaire b: Children’s Knowledge of Abuse Questionnaires to measures children cognitive awareness of sexual abuse prevention concepts c: Sexual situ assessment questionnaire to assess sexual abuse prevention skills d:self-assertive questionnaire to evaluate selfassertion among 4th grade students. Results revealed that there was a highly statistical significant difference between children's cognitive awareness about sexual abuse on pre and post intervention. . A positive prevention skills responses toward sexual abuse situation was appeared after intervention. There was a highly statistical significant difference between self-assertiveness among studied children on pre and intervention. Conclusion: a psychodrama based nursing intervention is an effective and mandatory in managing sexual teenaged abused school children. Recommendation: Governmental and nongovernmental organizations should get convoluted in public awareness’ programs on prevention of sexual abuse among teenage school children with emphasis on correcting misconception of sexual abuse.


Psychodrama, Nursing intervention, Sexual Abuse, self-assertiveness, Teenage School children..

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