Effect of Instructional Guidelines on Short Term Outcomes for Adolescents with Diabetes Mellitus during Fasting Ramadan

1Nariman Farid, Safy Salah Eldin Alrafay, HyamRefaat Tantawi


Short term clinical outcomes associated with Ramadan fasting for adolescent with uncontrolled diabetes include hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia with or without the risk of impending ketosis, dehydration, and thrombosis. Aim: This study aimed to evaluate the effect of instructional guidelines on short term outcomes for adolescents with diabetes mellitus during fasting Ramadan.Design: A quasi experimental design was used. Setting: This study was conducted at the outpatient diabetic Unit, affiliated to Ain Shams University Hospital.Sample: Randomly, study and control groups were allocated, they were 25 adolescent for each group who are fasting ramadan. Tools: 1) Interview questionnaire (pre/post), including 2parts:Part(1) Assessment ofadolescent Knowledge regarding diabetes mellitus during fasting ramadanand Part (2)Assessment of adolescentsreported practice regarding diabetes mellitus during fasting ramadan, 2)Developinginstructional guidelines about diabetic management during Ramadan(post test). Results:There were statistically significant differences between the study and control groups as regards their knowledge about diabetes mellitus. As well, there were statistically significant differences between both groups regarding decrease short term outcomes post educational nursing guidelines. In addition, there were statistical significance differences were detected between both groups as regards adolescent' satisfaction and length resume of normal activity. Conclusion: The instructional guidelines were helpful on improvement of knowledge and reported practices of the adolescents with diabetes, which lead to decrease short term outcomes during fasting Ramadan. Recommendations: There is a need for sustained adolescents' educational sessions; and instructional guidelines should be available for all adolescents with diabetes mellitus and further studies should be done on a large number of subjects for evidence of results and generalization.


Diabetes mellitus, Fasting Ramadan, Short term outcomes, Instructional guidelines.

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