Red Cell Distribution Width to Platelet Ratio: A Novel Noninvasive Index for Predicting Hepatic Fibrosis and Cirrhosis in Chronic Hepatitis C

1Mohamed RizkElmdams, Said Abdel Baky Gad, Mohamed Samy Farouk Gawish


Background:Liver fibrosis and cirrhosis are major causes of morbidity and mortality in chronic hepatitis C (CHC) patients. The aim was to assess a novel non-invasive index in prediction of hepatic fibrosis and cirrhosis in chronic hepatitis c patients by using red cell distribution width to platelet ratio (RPR).Methods:This study included 84 CHC patients which were classified into 3 groups 26 CHC cases without fibrosis, 48 CHC cases with fibrosis and 10 CHC cases with cirrhosis. All patients collected from Al-Ahrar Teaching hospital and subjected to full clinical history, clinical examination and Complete blood picture were measured.Results:There was a statistically significant difference among three studied groups regarding RPR. There was a higher sensitivity of RPR (83.3%) in detecting fibrotic liver among CHC cases with higher accuracy of 78.6% There was a higher sensitivity of RPR (90%) in detecting cirrhotic liver among CHC cases with higher accuracy of 96.4% Also, there was a high statistically significant positive correlation between liver fibrosis and all diagnostic scores assessed, APRI, RPR, FIB4 and AAR, while there was significant negative correlation with RDW, platelet count, TLC and MPV.Conclusion: RPR, an inexpensive and easily calculated index, can predict significant fibrosis and cirrhosis in CHC patients with relatively high accuracy, potentially reducing unnecessary liver biopsies.


hepatic fibrosis- cirrhosis - chronic hepatitis c- RPR-Diagnosis

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