Incidence and Risk Factors of AKI in Patients of Emergency and Surgical Intensive Care Units

1Samia Abdelrahman El Wakeel, Khaled Mohamed El Sayed, Olfat Abdelmoniem Ibrahem, Sherif Omar Hasan Ali


Background:Acute kidney injury is a common medical complication in all patients especially ICU patients. AKI is a common cause of increased mortality and morbidity rate among ICU patients. The aim was toidentify the incidence and risk factors for acute kidney injury development in patients of emergency and surgical intensive care units. Methods:This study was carried out at emergency and surgical intensive care units of Zagazig University Hospitals over a period of 6 months. Data collection were: Peak of serum creatinine level. 2: Peak of decreased urine output. 3: At the peak of AKI: AKIN score (Acute Kidney Injury Network). And some risk factors.Results:incidence of AKI in was 7.015% according to AKIN score. sepsis, Noradrenaline, dehydration and contrast were significantly associated with AKI with significant relative risk eachConclusion: incidence rate of developing AKI in patients of emergency and post-operative critical care units along the period of 6 months started from October 2018 till the end of march 2019 according to the inclusion criteria and AKIN score is 7.015 %.age and sex weren’t risk factors for AKI.The common risk factors which associated with developing AKI in ICU are sepsis (71.2%), dehydration (18.6%), D.M (44.1%), HTN (23.7%), dehydration (18.6%), contrast induced nephropathy (11.9%) and HCV with (6.8%).


Acute kidney injury –incidence- risk factors.

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