An Educational Curriculum and its Effect on Improving the Values of Some Kinematic Variables and the Accuracy of the Smash Skill during the Feather Hitting Stage

1Maher Mohammed Ismael, Ali Salman Abbas Al-Rubaye, Yaqub Youssuf Abdulzahra


-Research Objectives: Preparing a curriculum for the Spiking Skill. Identify the impact of the educational curriculum on the values ​​of some kinematic variables and the accuracy of the crushing blow skill during the hitting stage with the badminton. Research community: The players of the Maysan Governorate national team were represented by the badminton for the category of applicants. The research sample and the method of its selection - and the research community was (8) players, while the research sample was (6) players, two players were excluded for conducting the exploratory experiment and the percentage was (75%) from the original community, and the researcher made homogeneity on some research variables (length Weight, age, arm length) of the subjects. The scientific method - the researcher used the experimental one-group approach to suit the solution of the research problem. Statistical treatments: arithmetic mean standard deviation - t-law for correlated samples coefficient of variation. Conclusions: the educational curriculum has an effective role in improving the accuracy of the smash skill, and the proposed exercises have a positive effect in improving the values ​​of the kinematic variables in the research. Recommendations: conducting other studies and research on different groups and different skills and for all sexes. The methods and methods of learning must be in line with the needs and capabilities of the players. 


Educational Curriculum, Effect on Improving the Values of Some Kinematic Variables

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