The Results of High Tibial Open-Wedge Osteotomy and Fixation with Puddu Plate for Treatment of Genu Varum in Adults

1Alaa Ahmed Mostafa El-Ngehy, Walid Mohamed Abdel-Aziz Nafea, Mohamed Hussein Elsayed, *Mahmoud TawfikTantawy


Background: High tibial osteotomy remains one of the important options for the treatment of knee malalignment and angular deformity about the knee. This study aimed to evaluate the efficacy and safety of medial open-wedge high tibial osteotomy using Puddu plate for treatment of genu varum in adults. Patients and Methods: This is a retrospective study evaluating 18 knees in 18 patients who had undergone medial openwedge osteotomies with Puddu plates at Zagazig University Hospitals and El-HELAL Hospital between January 2019 and June 2020 for varusmalalignment. Our study population consisted of 11 male, 7 female, with a mean age of 24.556 ± 7.326 (17-40) years at surgery time. For the clinical evaluation of the patients Hospital of Special Surgery (HSS) score, and for the radiological assessment mechanical axis deviation (MAD), Tibiofemoral angle, medialproximal tibial angle (MPTA) Follow-up averaged six months. Results: In this study, the average varusangleto be corrected was 10.278 ± 3.427, with 13 patients left knee and 5 patient right knee, the follow up of the patients, mean improvements obtained in HSS score was 24.706±9.967. There were 4 (22.2%) patients who had post-operative complications, two (50%) of them had under correction, one (25%) had delayed union and the 4th one had superfacial wound infection that was successfully managed without surgical intervention. Conclusion :Therefore, we believe that HTO using Puddu plate could be realized safely with considerable success and encouraging outcomes.


Gonarthrosis, Open-wedge osteotomy, Puddu plate.

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