The Role of Using Animation Movies in Teaching-Learning English Language for EFL Learners

1SondosTalib Hassan, YasirSalih Mahdi


The goal of this study is to revel the role and the important of using animation movies in English classroom. In order to reach the goal of the present study, the following hypothesis has been provided that according to statistically significant,there is no differences between the mean degrees of the two groups (experimental group and control group). The experimental group was taught according to using animation movies and the control group who taught according to traditional method. The study has been selected 61 students from second year class/ English department/ College of Education for Human Science/ University of Diyala for the year 2018-2019. The sample has been divided intow groups, 30 students for the experimental group and 31 for control one. The two groups are the same according to a statistical manipulation of a number of variable like education, age, and parents. Pretest and posttest are designed and the validity of the tests and lesson plan have been obtained. The result of the test shows that, there are statistically differences for the both groups and the best scores was for the benefit of the experimental group in the post test. The researcher concludes that using animation movies in the English class room are more fruitful and more effective for promoting the learners to learn English language.


Role, Animation, Movies.

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