Evaluation of physics books for middle school in Iraq in light of the topics of the International Physics Olympiad competitions

1Azhar Burhan Ismael, Hind Hadi Rayed


The research mainly aims to identify the extent to which physics books in high school in Iraq for the content standards of International Physics Olympic Competition. in order to achieve the main aim of the research the researcher limited the subjects of the competition descriptive analytical method which based on the content analysis have been used it is considered to be suitable way for the analysis of curricula and to collect the quantitative data. Analysis tool included subjects and graduated scale consisting of three categories; the extent of the handling, the form of handling and the level of handling. The research community consisted of all physics books in high schools in Iraq which are 5 books spread over three grades which is established to be taught for the academic year( 2019 \ 2018) reliability and validity evidence were gathered, the frequencies and percentages were used as statistical means to determine the extent to which those subjects are approached . The research found a set of results which are; the subjects of oscillation and waves, electromagnetic fields, mechanic were more addressed than subjects of thermodynamics quantum physics and relativity. The form of handling was fairly acceptable as the percentage was (%63) explicit , the level of subjects was (%50) which is very low percentage. It recommended also that it is important to pay attention to the quality and depth of information to suit the level of mental learner the study also suggested conducting similar study to evaluate mathematics. computer and chemistry curricula in light of the Olympic Competition held for each subjects.


physics, Olympiad Competition

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