Comparison between Oral Gabapentin and Pregabalinfor PostoperativePain Relief In Elective Cesarean Section Patients Under Spinal Anesthesia at Zagazig University Hospital

1Neveen Mahmoud Alaasar, Dalal El-sayed Mohammed soud, Asmaa Mohammed Galal ElDeen, *Ahmad Ibraheem Ahmad AbdElfattah


Background: Pain relief of good quality after cesarean section (CS) results in early mobilization and good early mother–child interaction. The aim was to assess gabapentin and pregabalin as oral premedication in patients for elective cesarean section under spinal anesthesia regarding postoperative pain relief. Methods: This study included 54 consenting women had old ASA II, with uncomplicated pregnancies scheduled to undergo elective CS delivery under spinal anesthesia were. This study classified into 3 groups: pregabalingroup (P), gabapentin group (G), and control group (C). The study medication given orally one hour before the anticipated time of the surgical incision, and data measured include, visual analogue scale(VAS), the total doses of analgesia. Results: The VAS was low in patients of group P as compared to G and C groups (P value <0.05). Total analgesic requirement of pethidine in first 24 h was significantly lower in groups P as compared to group G&C (P value <0.001) and wefound that there was statistically significant increase in the sedation scores of the patients in the P group as compared to G&C group. Conclusion: Pregabalinhad more effective than gabapentin300 mg in reducing post CS pain, opioid consumption.


Pregabalin, Gabapentin-Cesarean section, Postoperative pain

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