Identifying the Factors Affecting the Employability of Recruitment Agencies

1Nahid Naderibeni*, Amir Zareian Jahromi, Asef Karimi, Seyed Hossein Akhavan Alavi


Nowadays, with the emergence of changes in employer recruitment needs and changing labor market needs and employment status in society, recruitment agencies have become the main source of job seeking and shaping the employment situation and lowering the unemployment rate in society. Most of the research has focused on assessing the employability of individuals in organizations, and the role of recruitment agencies in increasing or decreasing employment rates and accelerating the process of employment in society has not been addressed and no research has been conducted in this regard. The purpose of this article is, therefore, to identify the factors affecting the employability of recruitment agencies, which is the main research question and has a great impact on the presentation of the final model. The present study follows the qualitative research method and thematic analysis approach. Sampling was purposive and semi-structured interview was conducted using snowball technique with 20 managers and experts of recruitment agencies. The categories: organizational credit, organizational factors, economic and political factors, cultural factors, marketing, advertising and geographical factors were identified as the main categories for analyzing the main research question. The findings also showed that the categories: legality, changes in political and economic structures, migrant culture, marketing and advertising, clarification of spatial structure as sub-categories are the most important factors affecting the employability of recruitment agencies.


Recruitment, Recruitment Agencies, Employment, Employability, Employee Finding.

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IssueIssue 6