Diagnostic value of Suction Pipelle among cases with Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

1Ali El-shabrawy Ali, Mai Mohammed AbdElwahab, Basem Mohammed Hamed, HebaFathyHelmy Mohamed


Background: Histopathological examination of endometrial tissue remains the mainstay in the evaluation of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding (AUB. In the recent scenario, endometrial sampling is being obtained by various invasive and non-invasive techniques such as Pipelle technique, D and C and hysteroscopic guidedbiopsy. The study aimed to determine the efficacy of suction Pipelle in diagnosis of endometrial lesions in patients with abnormal uterine bleeding so present a suitable substitute for endometrial sampling techniques which is simpler, cheaper, non-invasive, free of complications and offers good diagnostic accuracy. Methods: This cross sectional study was conducted at Al-Ahrar teaching hospital on woman with AUB. 2 samples were taken from women, the first by D&C and the second by pipelle device and the results of histopathological examination of both were compared regarding that D&C was the confirmatory standard. Results: A high statistically significant excellent agreement between both results of pipelle device and the gold standard D & C, kappa agreement test >0.8 (P-value<0.001)Conclusion: Pipelle had high sensitivity and specificity for diagnosis of proliferative endometrial, secretory endometrium, hormone dependent endometrium, simple endometrial hyperplasia, atypical hyperplasia and EEC grade 1.However, it would have low sensitivity for diagnosis of endometrial polyp and disordered proliferative hyperplasia.


Diagnosis- Suction Pipelle- endometrial lesions- AUB.

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