T.S. Eliot’s Impersonal Theory in Arbind Kr. Choudhary’s PoetryLove



This paper will explore ArbindChoudhary’s poetry Love (2011) from the perspective of T.S. Eliot’s ideas on Tradition and the Individual Talent(1919). It will focus on Choudhary’s impersonal expression of love where he blends both tradition and modernity to juxtapose the universal idea of love. In the poetryLove(2011),Choudhary blends both eastern and western mythology along with the fusion of past and present situation of love. Love is a divine inspiration that gives eternal bliss to all human beings. It overcomes the ravages of time and space. Spiritual love is better than the sensuous love or materialistic love. In modern time, love gives disastrous consequences which destroy the sanctity of real love. To show the universal quality of love, the poet juxtaposes the love of the ancient gods and goddesses from India, Greece and Rome. The loves of Diana, Venus, Adonis, Apollo, Shakuntala, Laila, Majnu, Ram and Sita are immortal love who all sacrifices for the true love that inspires the love seekers. True love builds a grove that stirs the passion among different lovers. The beauty of nature guides the true lovers and the images of nature like moon, sun, starlitnight, and spring season that gives impetus to the lovers. Love rejects materialistic ideas on abortion, lesbianism and philander which degrades a true relation among the lovers.


Love, Mythology, Materialistic, Spiritual and Nature.

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