Designing an Aid Device in Learning the Skill of Handstand in the Technical Gymnasium for Students

1Sanaa Khamees Hameed


The study aimed to design an aid in learning the skill of handstand and learning about the effect of using an assistive device in learning the skill of handstand in the artistic gymnastics of female students. The assistive device consists of (2) U-shaped legs upside down, and at the end of each base post, the post can be enlarged and zoomed out, and the bar in the middle is covered with a sponge to avoid injury. The researcher used the experimental approach to design the two equivalent experimental groups: the experimental and the control group, the test: pre and post, on a sample of the second stage students, the Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences / College of Education / Al-Farahidi University, then the researcher divided the division (1,2) randomly by drawing lots into two groups of the control group Its number is (27) students, which is a division (1) and the experimental group and its number is (27) students, and it is a division (2). The research program was implemented using the assistive device. The preparatory and the closing section are the same. The researcher concluded that adopting the designed assistant device improves the level of performance of the skill of handstand. Where it recommended the necessity of adopting assistive devices and tools that prove scientifically effective for learning artistic gymnastics skills to students of physical education and sports sciences.


Designing an Aid Device in Learning the Skill

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