Using of liquidity and Profitability Ratios in Evaluating Financial Performance An Empirical Study

1Dr. Shatha Abdul Hussein Jebur, Dr. Anwar Mustafa Hasan


The purpose of the current research is to use the financial analysis ratios represented in the liquidity and profitability ratios in evaluating the financial performance of the banks listed in the Iraqi Stock Exchange. The ratios of each index were used. A sample of five banks applied to the terms of the research. The most important of which is that most of the banks have maintained reasonable liquidity ratios and are consistent with the nature of their work in the banking sector. This is a good indication of their ability to meet their short-term liabilitiesand the efficiency of the company's management in an existing investment To generate revenue appropriate to its value and then maximize the benefit of its owner. As well as the high margin of profit and this is the result of the large profits achieved by private Iraqi banks in relation to their investments, and kept banks high net profit while decreasing their ability to generate profits, in general it can be said that the profitability indicators in banks were good and give an acceptable indicator of their ability to grow and continue


Financial Analysis, Liquidity Ratios, Profitability Ratios, Profit Margin, Return on Assets, Return on Equity.

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