Utilizing a Multiple Intelligences based - Strategy to Enhance EFLSpeaking Skills and Motivation for El -Azhar Secondary Stage Students

1Mohamed Atiya Ali, Dr. AzzaHamdy El-Marsafy


The current study aimed at developing EFL speaking skills and motivation for Al-Azhar secondary stage students through adopting a multiple intelligences based - strategy. To accomplish this purpose, the researcher used the quasi-experimental design, thirty EFL 1st year Al- Azhar secondary stage students were selected from Ekwa religious institute for girls, Dyarb Negem administration, Sharkia governorate, Egypt, were randomly allocated in two groups (15) students for experimental group and (15) for control group, the researcher designed an EFL speaking test to measure these skills before and after the treatment, a scale was also designed for measuring the effect of the strategy on the students’ motivation before and after the treatment. The current study was conducted over a period of ten weeks, along ten sessions, throughout the first term of the academic year 2019-2020. The results of the study indicated that utilizing a multiple intelligences based - strategy was effective in developing the EFL speaking skills and motivation of Al-Azhar secondary stage students.


Speaking skills, Motivation, Multiple Intelligences.

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IssueIssue 10