Effectiveness of an Instructional Program Related to Dietary and Fluid Compliance among Patients Who Undergo Hemodialysis at Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital in Al-Nasiriyah City, Iraq

1Hussam N. Ta'ab, Juma'a J. Abd Al-Reda


This current study aimed at evaluate the effectiveness of the instructional program on dietary and fluid complain among patient undergoing hemodialysis, assess patient's knowledge on dietary and fluid complain among patients undergoing hemodialysis, and to determine the relationship between the patient's demographic and clinical characteristics and effectiveness of instructional program. A quasi- experimental design study has been applied at hemodialysis units at Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital in Al-Nasiriyah City during the period from January 29th, 2019 to October 11th, 2020.The size of the sample is (60) patients divide into two groups, each one contains (30) patients as a control group and study group. The study group was exposed to the instructional program while the control group was not exposed to the instructional program. The present study showed that there are positive effect resulted from the instructional program as appeared in the study compared with the control group. The study concludes that the knowledge of patients treated in the hemodialysis unit was inadequate before implementation of the instructional program. After the implementation of the instructional program, there was an improvement in their knowledge toward fluid and dietary compliances.


Instructional program, Patients' knowledge, Fluid and diet compliance

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