Situation and Trends of Educational Management in Thailand to Meet the Country Development Needs 2019

1Werayut Chatakan, Nopparat Chairueng, Jutiporn Assawasowan


The main objectives of the study are the current situations and trends of Thai education management to link the country needed in 2019 is 1) study current situations and trends of education management according to Education Development Plan (2017-2036) and National Strategy (2018-2037) and 2) make a policy suggestion through education strategy (2017-2037) and education reforming. This research is a Future or Foresight Study with three steps through a mixed method with four stages is Bibliometric, Gap Analysis, Priority Needs Index (PIN), and Trend Analysis. There are three stages in this research. 1) Analysis of the relation, gaps, goals of the national strategic plan and Thailand's 20 - Year National Education 2) Analysis of the Thai educational situations in 2019 according to the research framework. 3) Analysis of the policy and also the suggestions to develop Thai education. The research findings were as follow: 1.The results of the analysis of relation and gap between goals of National Strategy (2018-2037) and Education Development Plan (2017-2036) found it links between target goals of National Strategy (2018-2037) indicators and Education Development Plan (2017-2036) in strategy, goal and indicators relate to each other without weak points. 2.The results of the analysis of Thai education situations according to goals and indicators of Education Development Plan (2017-2036). It found that Goal 1(Access) and Goal 2 (Equity) were successful, but Goal 3 (Quality), 4 (Efficiency), and 5 (Relevancy) must be seriously developed. Summary of comments and suggestions for education policy from the seminar about education trends to develop the country in 2018, seminar runs through a Focus group with three levels of experts; policymakers from the central, regional and schools, including the suggestions from experts and participants who join the seminar that can be synthesized through the urgent policy to promote education management in Thailand.


The situation of Educational management in Thailand, Trends in Educational management in Thailand, Educational management in Thailand to Meet the Country Development Needs

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