A Creative Dramatics Based Strategy to Enhance Al-Azhar Primary Institute Pupils’ EFL Reading Comprehension and Attitudes

1Benjamin Nour El-Din AttyiaGhonim, Dr. Azza Ahmed Hamdy El Marsafy


The current study aimed at enhancing Al-Azhar primary institute pupils’ EFL reading comprehension and attitudes through a creative dramatics based strategy. The study adopted the quasi-experimental pre-post test an scale, experimental/control groups. Participants were sixth year Al-Azhar primary institute pupils. Two groups (20 each) were selected in the academic year 2019-2020. The experimental group was taught through a creative dramatics based strategy for enhancing their reading comprehension and attitudes. On the other hand, the control group received regular instruction. To achieve the aim of the study, the researcher designed a questionnaire for determining some reading comprehension skill and a scale for determining some aspects of reading attitudes approved by a panel of jury. Based on these reading comprehension skills and aspects of reading attitudes, a prepost reading comprehension test and a scale were designed. The results of the study indicated that EFL reading comprehension skills and attitudes of the experimental group enhanced. The results of the study were positive; the hypotheses were accepted.


reading comprehension, Attitudes and Creative Dramatics.

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