Psychological Effect of Stress upon the Mental Well-being of Anaesthetists in Hospitals of ADDiwaniyah Governorate

1Fadhil Jubair Akmoosh, Maan Hameed Ibrahim AL-Ameri


Background: Work-related stress is a common issue that affects the performance of medical staff members especially those from the anaesthetic department. Many factors can participate in initiating the problem such as financial and administering criteria. Objectives: the work investigation was conducted to identify the psychological factor effects on the wellbeing of anaesthetists in the surgical operation room. Methods: A questionnaire was confirmed, by a pilot study initiated by the same researchers of the current work, to be valid and stable for the present investigation according to the Cronbach's alpha coefficient (CAC) values. The reliability of the questionnaire, CAC and stability factor, is a measure or indicator of test stability, questionnaire credibility, and stability, which are considered to be the most important fashion. The simple linear regression was also used to test the work information. Results: The findings revealed significant (p˂0.05) important effects of the measured psychological dimension revealing increases in the levels of workplace-related stress and the wellbeing of the anaesthetic nurses. Conclusion: Psychological conditions may double the impact of many factors related to the workplace leading to stress and low-provided care to patients.


Anaesthetists, job stress, work stress, surgical operation room, wellbeing.

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IssueIssue 10